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ENT Clinic Serving Rogers -

ENT Clinic Serving Rogers

Rogers residents seeking care for ear, nose and throat conditions can trust Oakdale Ear Nose & Throat Clinic’s board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians to provide the best diagnosis and treatment for all otolaryngology conditions.

Oakdale ENT’s doctors have provided unsurpassed expertise in ENT care for Rogers residents and families for more than 30 years.

Diagnosing, Treating ENT Conditions for Rogers Residents

Oakdale ENT’s doctors diagnose and treat ear conditions including ear infections and earaches, tumors and abnormal growths, trauma and injury as well as complex balance disorders including vertigo and tinnitus.

Oakdale ENT offers diagnosis and treatment of nose conditions including nasal obstructions, postnasal drip, deviated septum, trauma or nosebleeds. Sinus problems diagnosed and treated in Rogers residents include chronic sinusitis, sinus headaches and pain as well as facial pressure, polyps and allergies.

Throat conditions Oakdale ENT diagnoses and treats include neck masses, salivary gland issues, thyroid nodules, parathyroid tumors and cancer treatments.

In addition treating conditions that fall under the ENT categories, Oakdale ENT specializes in diagnosing and diagnosing and treating allergies in Rogers residents that affect the ear, nose and throat. Our physicians have helped thousands of patients find relief from the frustrating symptoms that come along with allergies.

Comprehensive diagnostic testing and proven treatments options, including allergy shots and sublingual allergy drops, have helped an estimated that 80% of our patients experience significant improvement or complete relief from their symptoms.

Offering Hearing Loss Testing and Treatment To Rogers Residents

In addition to providing ear, nose and throat care, Oakdale ENT offers highly trained and experienced audiologists who are passionate about the science and medicine of hearing loss. They provide one-on-one care to evaluate the hearing status of Rogers residents, conduct hearing tests and help them understand available treatment options.

If treatment includes a hearing aid, Oakdale ENT’s audiologists offer expertise and professionalism to fit the hearing aid and provide follow-up and ongoing servicing.

Offering Pediatric ENT Care for Rogers Families

Parents of Rogers kids have trusted Oakdale ENT to treat ear, nose and throat conditions in their children for three decades. Our board-certified ENT doctors provide Rogers infants and children the highest-quality diagnosis and treatment for all conditions from basic earaches to complex conditions related to ears, sinuses and throats.

They give the necessary time with parents to ensure they are fully aware of the diagnosis and treatment options being considered for their children, whether they are infants or teenagers.

Head, Neck Specialty Clinic for Rogers Residents

In addition to diagnosing and treating ear, nose and throat conditions, Oakdale ENT doctors also see Rogers patients with head and neck conditions. Appointments for all conditions can be made online or by calling 763-233-5755.