Jon Schee, MS, CCC-A


Jon Schee, MS, CCC-A

Certified Audiologist

I find joy in helping both kids and adults overcome hearing challenges. My passion lies in crafting personalized solutions for a better hearing experience and improved quality of life.

Jon Schee, MS, CCC-A, is a highly experienced and licensed audiologist with over three decades of dedicated service in the field of clinical audiology. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a passion for providing exceptional care to both adult and pediatric patients. His expertise spans various aspects of audiology, including diagnostics and the application of modern digital hearing aid technology.

One area of particular interest for Jon is hearing conservation, especially concerning musicians and the broader community. He recognizes the importance of preserving hearing health and understands the unique challenges faced by individuals exposed to loud environments, such as performers and music enthusiasts.

With his extensive knowledge and commitment to advancing hearing care, Jon Schee strives to improve the quality of life for his patients by offering tailored solutions and preventative measures. His dedication to excellence in audiology has earned him the trust and admiration of both colleagues and patients alike.

Board Certifications

Certificate of Clinical Competency in Audiology (CCC-A)

Education & Training


State of Minnesota

Special Clinical Interests

Hearing conservation

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Robbinsdale Medical Building

3366 Oakdale Avenue North

Suite 150

Robbinsdale, MN 55422


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