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Allergy injections -

Allergy injections

Immunotherapy is used to treat the root cause of allergies by building your immune system’s tolerance to allergens over time – to desensitize it – often with the use of allergy injections.

Allergy injections work by gradually exposing your immune system to the specific substances you’re allergic to, therefore, training your body not to react or cause symptoms.

Injections can be used to treats allergies to pollens, dusts, molds and animals with these methods.

Allergy injections are given subcutaneously in the upper arm to patients five years or older, based on individual skin testing results. Initially, allergy shots are given on a weekly basis with the frequency adjusted yearly, dependent on the response to treatment. It is critical to get injections consistently. Treatment typically lasts three to five years. Some individuals may need more time to achieve long-term symptom relief.

Allergy testing, office visits, allergy injections, and allergy serum for injections are normally covered by most insurance companies.

Benefits of allergy shots

When efforts to avoid allergens or medications fail to control allergic symptoms, immunotherapy with allergy shots may be the solution.

  • Decreased reliance or dependence on over-the-counter allergy medications
  • Reduced long-term costs
  • Treats the underlying caue of allergies, not just the symptoms
  • Can treat multiple allergys
  • Provides long-term relief from allergy symptoms

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