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Sharon Sweeney

Illustration of tonsil stones

What are tonsil stones? How do I get rid of them?

Maybe you’ve heard of kidney stones or even gall stones, but what about tonsil stones? We know our tonsils can act up and become inflamed with tonsillitis, but did you know that one in every ten people develops tonsil stones? What are tonsil stones? To understand tonsil stones, you’ll want to understand the structure of

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Photo of a deviated septum

Seven Signs You May Have a Deviated Septum

Do you struggle with persistent nasal congestion, nosebleeds, and breathing issues? While it’s easy to dismiss these symptoms as a common cold, allergy, or “just one of those things,” these symptoms could indicate a deviated septum. What is a deviated septum? A deviated septum is a condition in which the cartilage that divides the nasal

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A retro graphic with firecracker and "BOOM!"

Can fireworks damage my hearing?

Summer has arrived and it won’t be long until fireworks take center stage. It’s always good to be reminded of steps to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Firework safety tips Always have a responsible adult supervise firework activities, including sparklers. Always wear eye protection while lighting fireworks. Always keep a safe distance from

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Illustration of nasal polyps

What do I need to know about nasal polyps?

Have you ever taken cold medication and felt absolutely no improvement? Do you feel like you’ve got a constant head cold that holds on no matter what you do? The culprit may be surprising. What are nasal polyps? A nasal polyp is a benign (non-cancerous) sac-like growth on the lining of the nose or sinuses.

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Photo of a young girl saying "ahhh" at the ENT office

When is it time to bring my child to an ENT?

Most children are served well by their primary physicians. But there are times when more focused experience and training are needed. Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists treat conditions or disorders affecting these related areas of the body. Here’s when to consider heading to a specialist. Ear conditions  Ear infections Ear infections are so common

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Illustration of workers inside the sinus cavity scrubbing and cleaning

Nine tips to keep your sinuses healthy

People who lead a healthy lifestyle often know how best to keep their body systems working well: exercise benefits the heart, sunscreen protects the skin, adequate sleep reduces stress and more. But unless you have problems with your sinuses or allergies, you may not readily know ways to keep your sinuses healthy. You might not

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Illustration of a vacuum cleaning picking up dust

Dust mites – Tiny critters causing big allergies

Warning: Reading this article might prompt you to jump up and immediately clean your house. It might lead to stripping the sheets off every bed and washing blankets, dusting every furniture surface, and vacuuming curtains. Or it might prompt a Target run to get a hypoallergenic pillow and mattress covers for every bed in your

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Medical billing team recognized for excellence

Amber Erickson and Allison Krippner, medical billers with Oakdale ENT Clinic, have been recognized by a national medical practice revenue management provider for their excellence and efficiency in revenue cycle management.


How loud is too loud?

All of us are exposed to sounds constantly throughout our day. Many are harmless, but some, over time, can damage your hearing. Understanding decibel levels for different sounds helps you recognize when hearing protection may be in order.