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Road sign that says, Pollen Season Ahead

Understanding the daily pollen count offers more than just fodder for your next conversation. The popular weather website gives allergy and asthma sufferers an “allergy forecast” based on expected weather conditions and local pollen counts. Pollen is a powdery substance that some trees and plants produce as part of their reproduction process. In turn, pollen count is a measurement of

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Illustration of a vacuum cleaning picking up dust

Dust mites – Tiny critters causing big allergies

Warning: Reading this article might prompt you to jump up and immediately clean your house. It might lead to stripping the sheets off every bed and washing blankets, dusting every furniture surface, and vacuuming curtains. Or it might prompt a Target run to get a hypoallergenic pillow and mattress covers for every bed in your

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Can allergy drops help my sinuses?

It’s true. Allergy drops just might help relieve the pain and pressure from sinusitis. For individuals with sinusitis who have underlying environmental allergies, sublingual immunotherapy can be helpful.


Am I allergic to winter?

In the dead of winter, sneezing and sniffling come as no surprise to most of us – it’s cold and flu season. But you may have winter allergies.