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Can balloon sinuplasty help me? -

Can balloon sinuplasty help me?

More than 500,000 Americans suffer from chronic sinusitis and have varying degrees of success with nasal sprays or solutions, over-the-counter medications like Flonase® or Nasacort®.

What is balloon sinuplaty

Balloon sinuplasty, a minimally invasive procedure, is considered extremely safe and effective in providing relief from sinus pain symptoms. The procedure was approved by the FDA over a decade ago and is also referred to as the “smart sinus” procedure.

Oakdale ENT physicians perform the procedure in-office under local anesthesia. There is no cutting or loss of nasal tissues or bone and recovery time is relatively quick.

During the procedure, a balloon catheter is guided into the sinus passage and the balloon is slowly inflated to dilate, or expand, the sinus opening. With the sinus opening widened the sinus cavity is flushed with saline solution. This dilation of the sinus passage gently reshapes the sinus structure, leaving it open and free of built-up pressure.

Source: Acclarent

Benefits of balloon sinuplasty

  • Lower risk of bleeding
  • Shorter office, clinic, or hospital stay and much faster recovery time
  • No intended damage or removal of sinus tissues, structures, mucous membranes, nasal bones or sinus cartilage
  • Fewer required post-operative appointments or need to inspect stitches or sutures
  • Reduced need for the use of operative and post-operative pain medications
  • Reduced need for general anesthesia and lowered risk of adverse reaction to it
  • Reduced risk of post-operative infection
  • Reduced risk of unintentional tissue or structure damage
  • Reduced risk of scarring and continued inflammation

One clinical study found all enrolled patients who received balloon sinuplasty reported dramatically improved symptoms within one week of surgery. These participants were also symptom-free during follow-up visits one year after surgery.

If you have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and are not responding well to medication, schedule an appointment with one of our physicians. Learn if you are a candidate for balloon sinuplasty.