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Medical billing team recognized for excellence -

Medical billing team recognized for excellence

Amber Erickson and Allison Krippner, medical billers with Oakdale ENT Clinic, have been recognized by a national medical practice revenue management provider for their excellence and efficiency in revenue cycle management.

White Plume has named Amber and Allison “Revenue Cycle Ninjas” for their work to improve the practice’s financial processes, ultimately increasing revenue cycle productivity by 133% in just seven months.

Amber Erickson and Allison Krippner
Amber Erickson, CPC-A, CPB, Medical Biller and Business Office Supervisor (left) and Allison Krippner, Medical Biller (right)

The motto at Oakdale ENT is “Quality Service & Care. For Life.” That first piece, quality service & care, runs all the way through their practice to the back office, where users Amber and Allison diligently work on their revenue cycle process to get claims paid for the practice. By improving their productivity by 133% in just seven months, they have demonstrated their commitment to quality work.

Amber and Allison worked hard over those seven months to implement automation and utilize best practices in their workflow. By doing this, and by only interacting with encounters that require human intervention, they achieved an Encounters per Hour (EPH) of 1,424, which is 67x the national average.

Part of the reason they are so productive is that only 13% of their encounters require human intervention. The rest of their encounters are either clean or changed by automation before they reach Amber and Allison. If they looked at every single encounter, they would be wasting time on 87% of encounters that were either clean or corrected by automation.

As Amber noted, being this efficient allows them to work on the process instead of simply in the process. They have time to work their denials and keep their systems in check. They are free to do the deep work of their jobs instead of the busy work that would otherwise fill up their time.

Amber and Allison, as well as their administrator Leah Asplund, are worthy of the title Revenue Cycle Ninjas. They are super productive, and because of their hard work, the practice is able to produce “quality service & care” on every level.

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