We rely on hearing.

Communication is how we move through and relate to the world. Hearing is essential to experiencing life’s beautiful moments and navigating its challenges. Impaired hearing is a major contributor to communication breakdowns. There continues to be a stigma associated with aging and hearing loss that often delays or prevents people from seeking help. Consequently, this delay in action may cause people to experience social isolation, depression, frustration, and a decrease in job performance.

Expertise for better hearing

After a hearing loss is acknowledged people are often overwhelmed by the staggering amount of choice involved; including treatment options, delivery models, and facilities or providers.  There are also an abundance of opinions regarding these choices from friends, neighbors, and relatives. People are generally unaware or misinformed about how individualized hearing loss is and that what works for one person may not for another. There are different levels of hearing impairment, lifestyle needs, and personal preferences that all need to be considered.

Our doctoral level audiologists have a special passion for the science and treatment of hearing loss. They work with individuals one-on-one to evaluate hearing status and to discuss available treatment options. Their expertise and professionalism coupled with an exceptional patient experience makes the process both achievable and straightforward. Reclaiming patient’s confidence and restoring relationships with loved ones are the most rewarding aspects of the process. Our audiologists help patients reconnect with their lives.

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Hearing Evaluations

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Hearing Aids and Other Treatments

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Hearing Protection

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